Tracing a Bastard, My Father

My Dad as a Teenager

With the death of my father looming, I am once again attempting to pick up his genealogical trail.

Have I mentioned my father was born out-of-wedlock in 1941 in Poland and has never, ever known his father, his natural family on his father’s side or even what his last name was supposed to be. My grandmother, his mother, never told him. He has no idea where he came from, how he got here or why his mother took him out of Poland (in the late 1940s… at least no idea besides the obvious, WW2).

Yeah, my dad is a bastard. To think I said that in anger as a teen. It would take a few years before I gave birth to my own “bastard” before I would fully understand the pain behind such a word, pain for mother and child. (I am sorry Daddy)

I have his naturalization papers but that is about it.  I have tried, and failed, to find out more information but find that I need to speak (at the very least, understand Polish) to really make any progress. My suspicion is there is some sort of record of his birth in Poland. There should also be relatives from my grandmothers side who might know something, the truth, or pieces of it.

I am posting this here as a plea to any of my readers that may know a really experienced genealogist that has contacts in Poland or even a reader who might speak or read Polish.

I have his naturalization papers, a possible name fragment, a picture of the man reported to be my father’s father (no name on the photo and frankly, we question the validity. It is not out of the question that my grandmother made up a story to cover her shame). My grandmothers name and DOB, the village in Poland they allegedly came from.

I welcome all suggestions – no matter how odd they may sound.