RIP Goblin King

Woke this a.m. to the news of the death of David Bowie. Surprised myself how much it touched me emotionally. I am a child of the 1980’s. David was big then, huge even, to those of us in our formative years. I was a fan not only of his music, but his looks and most importantly, the permission he gave all of us to be different. I was very different.

Of my many favorite David Bowies treasures, the movie Labyrinth ranks high on the list. David and the Labyrinth cast of characters hit the movie screens late June in 1986 a month after my daughter was born to me, and left by me, to strangers. I had just returned home from spending five months in Gehring Hall maternity home. Deep in the throes of post surrender grief, the movie and one seemingly benign lyric from the song Underground resonated deeply with me. The lyrics from the entire song can be found below along with the video on youtube. Much of the song is relatable to me, for my adoption experience (as is the movie…seriously, a lost baby, a “King” counting the hours till the baby is his,…ugh), but the particular lyric that pretty much tattoed itself on my heart in those days?

“Don’t tell me truth hurts, little girl
‘Cause it hurts like hell”

I carried a small notebook around with me in those days. It was blueish-purple and had pinkish flowers printed on it. I used it to capture random quotes, thoughts, lyrics that would strike me at any given moment. I smile as I write this as I still do this, only now I capture them electronically. I also still have that little book in The Box.

The truth did hurt back then. Still does.

Thank you David Bowie for the memories, be they good or bad.

RIP my Goblin King.

View the video on YouTube.


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