Coke & Adoption Reunion

I once commiserated on my Instagram via a photo of a Diet Coke bottle. I had gotten the bottle at my office cafeteria and grabbed it without noticing it was one of those “Share a Coke with” bottles.  The first time I got one of these bottles it had my daughters original name on it.  It stopped me in my tracks and caused me to lose my breath. I literally said out loud to the bottle “I wish I could  share a Coke with her. Shit, I would take a glass a water.”

The second time I got a bottle like this it had her amended name on it.  I got angry and joked that I was fed up with Coke and its mean jokes.

Today, I take it back. Watch this video in its entirety. You will see an adoption reunion (in addition to a few other heart warming stories).

Can I say how pleased I am to see more and more mainstream media featuring adoption reunion?

Thank you Coco-cola.


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