Requesting assistance with an adoption search involving a child trafficked from Mexico.

This is the second Kurtz case I am aware of where the adoptee is born in Mexico and allegedly surrendered in the States. The first case I heard of involved a late 1960s born adoptee. This one is the mid 70s. The adoptee has very little information. She is estranged from her adoptive family. She has been in contact with Illinois officials who claim they have no record of her – anywhere. We are frankly stumped. I realize this is the situation for many the world over and many will roll their eyes and shrug your shoulders. I am hoping someone, anyone, from another agency or location, may have some suggestions on tracing births in Mexico. As you will see on ehbabes.com, Kurtz was involved in two agencies in Mexico, Casa del Sur (Mexico City Mexico, 1973 to 1977) and La Sociedad (Tlaxcala, Mexico, 1978 to ?). This current adoptee seems to hail from one of those agencies.

Welcome suggestions.