AAC 2015

Any readers here going to American Adoption Congress this year? It is practically in my back yard so I am considering…sort of.

Truth be told I have become rather bored with most conferences. They seem to regurgitate the same material. Does it help anything?  I do not know.

Maybe it is me. Given where I am in my reunion, my own journey, my own choice of activism (helping mothers at risk avoid the adoption monster), I get less than I used to out of conferences.

However, given the proximity to my home, I could be swayed if you were going! Meeting new friends, internet friends, is always welcome!

Check out conference keynotes and other detail at link below.

American Adoption Conference 2015 Conference Keynotes

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  1. Glad you mentioned this Suz because I’m feeling the same as you…a bit burnt out on conferences. 27 years ago when I got involved with adoption activism and completed my own search, I went to every single conference I could…but I really have lost interest. This year’s AAC I considered because my long time friend Fran who also used to live in Connecticut asked me to co-faciliate a workshop she’s doing for mothers…While I was tempted because it was an opportunity to see some old friends; I had to tell her that i couldn’t justify it financially. I’ve also already committed to a retreat in Sedona with a small handful of mom friends in a group that I’m a part of. But even that one wouldn’t have been tempting if it had been anyplace but Sedona because I love it so much there. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I just don’t let my adoption experience rule my life anymore. I missed so many wonderful experiences because for years that’s all I did. However, I can’t think of much more that I could possibly learn at a conference that I wouldn’t be exposed to either online or in books. Let us know if you go and what you think however. And make sure you give a big hug from me to Fran Gruss Levin-Vadeboncoeur – you will love her.

    • Exactly Carol. In my case I feel passionate about helping at risk moms, educating moms considering surrender, helping moms currently parenting alone. I am not sure what more I have to give or get from adoption conferences. Perhaps if my reunion ever changed, I might feel differently. For now, I feel like I having nothing to gain/nothing to offer. Other things to do with my time and $.

    • Woohoo! That is awesome Trace. I hope we get to meet in person. It is Saturday that I am going up for.

  2. So sorry I missed it… Did you meet my friend Fran? Actually two mom friends of mine were there and both did the panel on reunion issues.

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