Closure [Film]

While I take a day or so to collect my thoughts on the one day I attended of AAC 2015 I offer the following suggestion.  If you have not already seen this movie, Closure – A Documentary About Adoption,  I encourage you. I watched it yesterday right after returning from the conference.  Would love to hear your thoughts.  Interesting discussion on my twitter feed today regarding same.

It is now on NetFlix and Hulu.  Angela Tucker spoke at AAC as part of The Lost Daughters panel.  View trailer below or visit the film site for more info.

3 Thoughts.

  1. Thanks Suz. I added it to my Netflix list and will watch it hopefully tonight…I’ll let you know and appreciate your recommendation.

  2. I watched Closure on Saturday, I found it to be very powerful and wish that everyone ~ not just those already involved in adoption ~ could watch it and see how deep the wounds of adoption go.

    *spoiler alert*
    As a mom of adoption loss, I of course found myself identifying with Angela’s natural mom. I completely understood her reasoning for denying who she was when she was first approached by Angela and her family. As a mom, I was broken hearted to see that even though knowing her natural mom wanted their first meeting to be just the two of them, their first meeting was still in a huge group of people, Angela’s adoptive family included. I had really hoped that at least the first hellos and minutes would have been privately between just the two of them.

    • Susie – This is a common desire. I have always dreamed that if my daughter ever granted me a face to face that it could be just me and her, in a coffee shop/book store with great wine and coffee. I would never, have never, wanted her adoptive mom or anyone else there. My daughter is approaching 30. I would HOPE that if she ever does consider meeting me she would do it alone.

      That being said, I know it is common for adoptees to need a stabling life raft. They need an anchor to their adopted life to fall back on. I have had adoptee friends bring boyfriends, husbands and girlfriends. I might, emphasis on might , be okay with that. I suspect I would be so blinded by her willingness to meet I might put aside my own desires….which could be good or bad.

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