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Facebook Again – I noticed today that my oldest son has listed his fathers new wife’s daughter as his sibling. Yes, legally she is of course, a step sister, now that his father has married her mother. I get that I am fine with that. what pulls at the beds of my finger nails is the fact that her name is the same as my daughter’s amended. So yeah, he has two “sisters” with the same name. One half sister and one step.  The step sister acknowledges him and wants to know him. I guess that is why she gets billing on his facebook profile. The half sister does not.

Avoidant – Two moms have recently contacted me requesting support/friendship and a shoulder to cry on, ear to vent to. I am horribly embarrassed to say I have not given them much support. Not like I used to. I am just so, so, well, so angsty regarding all this. My “real” life is doing so well, I am so afraid to pour too much adoption oil into the fire of my life. If you are one of those moms and you are reading this, please accept my apology. And if you are a mom that has some emotional bandwidth to help a sister mom, please comment.

For the Life of Me – Jan Strauss film “Adopted: for the life of me” will be aired Sunday @ 7 pm NJN-TV NY-NJ-Phila area. If you are in this area, please watch it. Have all your neighbors watch it, sit down with your kids and watch it. Then talk about it. It is touching, heart wrenching and thought provoking. Watch the Trailer on youtube.

BLANK– “Blank,” a solo adoption identity play will be performed in Manhattan, Thursday evening, November 11th at 7 PM. I wish I could get into the city to see it.  Reading the reviews of it reminded me a bit of Susan Ito’s solo performance I recently had the honor of viewing. For more on BLANK visit the website

NAR – In non-adoption related news, I offer that I have obtained a new full time job that I am quite pleased with. I have taken a position as an  eBusiness Product Manager with a global health services company.  I will be responsible for the entire web experience for a line of business.  I am also still taking classes towards an undegrad degree in Communications and also studying for my PMP Certification.  My boys are doing well in school and in their lives and my darling Rich is well, darling, as always. Life is good. Life is busy. I am blessed.

And I still miss my daughter and still hope  some day she is mature enough to have some sort of a relationship with me and with her brothers.

I would then be doubly blessed.

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  1. Congratulations, Suz, on your new job! They are lucky to have you. And congratulations that your NAR life is going so well. That’s what we adoption-affected peeps all strive for, a degree of normalcy somewhere. Thanks for the link to Jean Strauss’ film. I’m going to see if it’s available for purchase on DVD, since it’s not showing in my area. She is a wonderful filmmaker! You have been so generous with your support of mothers. I am happy to pitch in, as you know.

    (((BIG HUGS)))

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