Supporting Teen Parents

Pleased to announce a $150 donation made to St. Agnes Home in West Hartford, CT. St. Agnes Family Center offers a supportive setting in which young mothers and their infants are helped to increase their life skills and their ability to parent. The Center’s programs are designed to teach the young mothers basic baby care and baby safety, while insuring that the emotional needs of the infant are being met.  You can read more about them on their site or visit the Chloe + Isabel by Suz Facebook page to view the donation.

As previously mentioned, February sales commissions will be donated to the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy.  The Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to both preventing teen pregnancy and supporting young parents.  Visit their site to learn more about them. You can also read the great blurb they published on this effort on their blog.

Our new spring collection arrives February 12 so this is an exciting month to buy. As with last month, I have scheduled an online “party”.  Purchase one product and you earn an entry into the Mystery Hostess party drawing. Purchase two, you earn two, and so on.  Shannon was our lucky winner last month and she received $100 in FREE jewelry credits. Visit the event invite on Facebook or start shopping now. Be sure to enter the Hostess Pop Up shop of Mystery Hostess in the field at check out and that my name is reflected in the Merchandiser field.

As always, thank you for your support.

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