Help Me and ICAH

I am currently the leader for Chloe + Isabel online sales. To retain this title and to win an associated prize, I am asking all who are considering purchasing to do so before the end of the month! This will achieve the following:

  1. I will win a contest that will give me the ability to name a piece of jewelry in our fall line. I will also be featured in our fall lookbook. How cool will that be?  You could all help me name it!
  2. All commissions for the month will be donated to Illinois Caucus on Adolescent Health.

To order, visit the link below. I have set up a special Mystery Hostess party. All who order (via this link) will be entered into a raffle for $50 of FREE jewelry if sales reach $200. One lucky purchaser will also receive $25.00 of an order of $75.00 or more. Fill up your cart and contact me before check out for a special promo code.

Order here.

Remember, if you reach $75.00 don’t check out until you contact me for a special code.

Thanks for your continued support.