Mailbag: Other Ways to Support

I am “jewelried out for now” but want to be able to support your efforts. Is there something else I can do?


You can definitely support in other ways.

If you wish, you can always donate right to the organization I am supporting in a given month. Nearly all organizations have ability to donate right through their site either via paypal, credit card or check.  This also makes your donation tax deductible to you.

Here is the link for Colorado Youth Matter, the organization I am supporting for the month of March.

I ask that if you take that route you mention you were referred by Chloe + Isabel by Suz. I get some marketing mileage that way!

You can also do the same directly to me and I can include in my monthly donation.  You can mail me a check or paypal me (email me for details) any amount.  I always transmit on the 5th of the month for the previous months donations. This approach sadly does not grant the tax deductible portion for you.

Other things you can do to help teen parents:

  • Host a in home or online party with me.  If you have a circle of friends that might like jewelry and to support the orgs, write me and I can tell you how we can do that together! Online parties are very easy. Essentially I set you up in the system, you refer people to my online store and when they check out they put your name. You get free credits, they get jewelry and I get commissions to donate to the various orgs. I can also provide webinars, facetime chats or online video demos of our products and services.
  • In your community, look for an org that helps teen moms. Volunteer there, offer to babysit, donate clothing or goods (they always need pampers, etc). Even one hour a month can make a huge difference. Imagine free babysitting for a mother that is trying to finish school or attend a study circle?  Check out Guidestar and search for phrases like Teen Parent to find organizations close to your area.

Have other ideas? Share them here.