Writing Process Blog Tour Fail

Friend and author, Denise, asked me to participate in a writing process blog tour. Sadly, I was unable to get friends to participate however I am still going to share my thoughts on my writing process.

Very simply, I don’t have one but wish I did.

I have been trying for years to become more disciplined about my writing. I purchased The Artists Way and did that for three days.  I attended a year-long writing group and while that helped while it was running, I stopped writing regularly once it ended. My greatest challenge, and I am sure other writers will laugh and say this is an excuse not a challenge, is lack of time.

I work a very demanding full time (sometimes more than full time job). I am parenting two sons. I am a wife and mother and I am supposed to clean our home and cook our meals (I am pretty awful at both). I take 2-3 college classes a semester as part of my long term goal to obtain my MFA.  In between all of that I socialize with friends and family, read voraciously (perhaps this is the time I should be writing) and spend too much time pondering what to do with my hair next.

Historically, my writing was more a form of therapy than any planned event. It just came out of me like water out of a spigot.  I had no control. I had to write. I could not help myself. It was the way I kept myself somewhat sane.  Like many writers, my best work (or so I think) came at the worst times of my life.  Read back in this blog (there are ten years of postings here) and you will see what I mean.  Check out Best of the Blog.   It seems that as my life is less painful my writing is less impactful.  Maybe?  I know I am a strong writer regardless of the topic but for me I feel my really good stuff comes when my heart is bleeding beyond measure.  Can I feel good about my work when I am not in a state that includes wanting to cut ones throat?  You know, no tears in the writer, no tears in the reader kinda thing?

What am I working on?

I have a very rough draft of a memoir in process. Naturally it is adoption themed and shares much more than I have ever shared here.  Those who have thought I have overshared here would be quite surprised to learn how wrong they are.

I also started a YA piece. It tangentially related to adoption/teenage pregnancy.

Finally, I have an essay drafted but it needs quite a bit of editing and rewrite.  A woman I greatly admire encouraged me to rewrite a blog post found on this blog and submit it to the likes of Salon, Bitch, Literary Mama, etc.  I agree with her it is a good piece but oddly I have not picked it back up and finished it up.

Why do I write what I do?

My freshman year professor of English at Columbia College – Chicago told me that writers write what they know.  I know trauma, teenage pregnancy, adoption.   I would like to try some other topics.

How does my writing process work?

It doesn’t. See above.

Since I cannot share other writers with you, I will share a few of my favorite sites related to writing.

Brain Pickings – Self proclaimed “human-powered discovery engine for interestingness”

The Rumpus – They have “ essays, reviews, interviews, advice, music, film and poetry”

Daily Writing Tips – Every day they “publish a new article, with topics ranging from grammar to punctuation, from spelling to usage and vocabulary”

I read all of these and more using my Feedly reader.  Thank gods I do not believe in I found a good feed reader after Google went by the way of the dinosaurs.

Thank you Denise for featuring me. Sorry I could not play along as well as you were able to!






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  1. Came back to leave this comment for myself and others. Seen in my facebook feed today. Author is Maryanne Radamacher.

    “It impresses me, again, the number of people who articulate to me that they would write “If Only they had… (the long periods of quiet, serene solitiude, steady income, more education, some inspiration, a writing room).”

    Live. And write while you are living the life you have. The IF ONLY is an insidious barrier to almost every dream. Including the dream of writing. Even if it’s a postcard, or a card, or a sweet letter to a long missed friend – Write. Write on the fly. Write while you fly. Write in the midst. Write before. After. During. While. In between. And if you are not a writer – insert whatever sweet thing you are longing to do but have been putting off with the IF ONLY. Insert it and then…do it in the midst, before, after, during,while and in between. Quiet serene moments exist because you create them or pretend you are in them in the midst of the chaos. Creation is an impatient mistress and inspiration comes when invited, occasionally. And the rest of the time, when inspiration doesn’t RSVP OR show up…it’s just diligent doing. Do. Go! Do your dream. Start. Start starting.”

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