Check out Lost Mothers

Check out this new blog.  I will admit that I dont read many these days, at least not many that are adoption related, but I will definitely add this one to my Google reader. Some of my favorite peeps and writers are contributors.

About Lost Mothers

Lost Mothers “blog was created by lost mothers, for lost mothers, as a place to exchange ideas and opposing views in a respectful atmosphere through discussion of current events and story-telling. While each mother has a unique experience and their own opinions, in general, we each support Adoption Reform, Adoptee Rights, and Family Preservation. Most of the contributors here have their own personal blogs where they also write about adoption issues. This blog is a place for mothers to share the best of their own writing and combine all our voices into one strong and unique chorus.”


Cassi Bella Ward
Carlynne Hershberger
Lynn Johansenn
Lorraine Dusky
Nicole Steenstra Darr
Priscilla Stone Sharp
Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy

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