March 4th, 2007

March 4, 2007

8:30 PM (EST)


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Suz Bednarz is the proud mother of three beautiful children. Her first born child, a daughter, was lost to adoption in 1986 and found in 2005.  Suz was coerced and intimidated into surrendering her daughter. One of the many intimidating tactics used on Suz was a promissory note and the threat of a lawsuit. When she informed the agency she would like to keep her child, she was told that she and her parents would be sued.

She is the owner of The site and its associated yahoogroup provides search, support and reunion assistance for those separated by adoption via Kurtz agencies. These agencies include Easter House, Birth Hope, American Friends of Children, Friends of Children, Casa Del Sur among others. Suz developed her site to increase the chances of finding her daughter. Since finding her daughter, Suz has facilitated more than twenty successful reunions for others. Suz blogs her adoption experience at and can be reached via email at

Shortly after finding letters from my natural mother and my natural grandmother in the summer of 2004, I began searching. The Easter House Agency provides no post-adoption services for adoptees or natural parents
who want to reunite, so I was left to my own devices for my search and for support during my search. I discovered, and with their help and support, I was reunited with my natural family in April of 2005.

With my own search complete and a relationship  forming with my natural family I was able to devote more time to research on the process of adoption and how it affects all those involved. After graduating from college I chose to pursue graduate study in social work at NYU so that I would be able to work professionally with adoptees and natural parents.

The philosopher Cicero once said "to remain ignorant of one’s past is to remain forever a child." Adoptees and their natural families are forced into ignorance of their shared past by adoption agencies that either withhold information or provide false information. With the search and support network we have gained a voice and worked together for changes where the adoption system has tried to force us to remain children.

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  1. Suz…hopefully the show will be put on a webcast so all can watch it. Hopefully many will see a side of this they have not seen or considered…and thru awareness, the scales can be tipped. Thanks for being a voice and now a face 🙂

  2. Suz
    I am looking forward to hearing you tonight, it will be nice to put a voice to your words.

  3. Great show Suz, you sounded very intelligent and calm.
    It was so nice to hear your voice.

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