The Child Catchers

The wonderful Smolin family was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of this book.

They were also kind enough to let me know I am mentioned somewhere in it. I interviewed with Kathryn Joyce so long ago I completely forgot!  I am very anxious to receive my copy (dropping April 23, I already pre-ordered).

Encourage all to order and read.

The Child Catchers: Rescue, Trafficking, and the New Gospel of Adoption by Kathryn Joyce

Excerpt from Amazon: “The Child Catchers is a shocking exposé of what the adoption industry has become and how it got there, told through deep investigative reporting and the heartbreaking stories of individuals who became collateral damage in a market driven by profit and, now, pulpit command.

Anyone who seeks to adopt—of whatever faith or no faith, and however well-meaning—is affected by the evangelical adoption movement, whether they know it or not. The movement has shaped the way we think about adoption, the language we use to discuss it, the places we seek to adopt from, and the policies and laws that govern the process. In The Child Catchers, Kathryn Joyce reveals with great sensitivity and empathy why, if we truly care for children, we need to see more clearly.  “