Non-Certified OBC 4 Realz?

Am I interpreting this Illinois Adoption Law correctly?

Is it stating that I can get a non-certified copy of my daughters original unamended birth certificate that lists me, Suzan Ann Bednarz, as the mother to Amber Lyn Bednarz?

If you are the birth parent of an adopted person, who is over the age of 21 and was born in Illinois on or after January 1, 1946, the new law allows the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange (“the Registry”) to provide a non-certified copy of your birth child’s original birth certificate to certain individuals beginning November 15, 2011.

Has anyone applied for this and actually received it?

If I am reading this correctly how did I miss this last fall?  Maybe I wasn’t ready for it.  I am still not sure I am ready for it (if it is true). I am filling out the paperwork and sending it in. If it indeed true and sent to me, it will be the first and only record (non-certified as it is) that I have of my daughters birth. Outside of the surrender papers and the fake photo birth certificate the hospital gave me (see photo above), I have nothing.

It will be proof, in writing, that I exist, as her mother, she existed, then, as my child.

Hold your thumbs.  This could be a bit of a ride for me.

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  1. Oh Suz!!!!! How amazing would that be?!? To have proof. Written proof that you ARE indeed your daughter’s mother… Can’t wait to hear that you received it ~ I will do a happy dance with you (laced with tears of course)!

    • To be candid, I am not convinced I am reading this correctly and that it will actually happen. I have heard conflicting reports. I am going to mail off the paperwork and see what is returned, if anything. In my opinion, it makes sense to give it to me. It contains her original name and mine – not her amended which would allow me to find her (which I have already done) so for the most part – to others – her original is of no value.

  2. The “certain individuals” gives me pause as well. I hope you can get it. Thanks to my mother (and no thanks to the state of NY) I have my truthful birth certificate.

    • Thanks Elizabeth. Will report back if I find out what “certain individuals” means. I am actually looking up the reg to see if it is defined there (in the mean time sending off the paperwork to the Land of Lincoln)

    • No. But that is rooted in the fact I did not send the documents in to request. Need to have notarized and that is a pain and time consuming so I haven’t. I am also a little anxious about getting – or not. Thanks for the push. I will try to get notarized and mailed. I do want to know if it is even possible.

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