Missed it (almost)

I missed it. I actually missed it.

A bit surprising to me, yet not. Records were opened in January 2015 as previously mentioned and I missed it. Of course, I know the reason I missed it is that I was dealing with my sons TBI. I missed it for a good reason. By that I mean I was focusing on the child that needs me versus obsessing over the one that does not. However, I am still sort of surprised I missed it.

Now I am caught up. Thanks to Eileen mentioning she requested and received her daughters original non certified un-amended birth certificate from Illinois. Literally within minutes of reading Eileen’s message I had downloaded the form, completed it, copied my id (which intentionally still carries exact same name as I had at time of surrender), enclosed a check, signed, sealed and stamped. It will go in the mail tonight.

I am a bit annoyed at how pleased this makes me. Perhaps it makes sense. I will finally have proof my daughter was born to me. Yes it will have my name, her original name, lack her fathers name, etc. It makes me smile. I find that sort of sad. I am 47 y ears  old. My daughter will be 29 this may and I am finally able to see her original non certified OBC that says I am her mother.

If you are a mother or father that surrendered a child in IL, visit this link and download the form to request your child’s certificate. You will need to provide a check for $15 and a copy of your ID.

” Birth Parent Request for a Non-Certified Copy of an Original Birth Certificate – This form is to be submitted along with a copy of a valid government issued photo identification (ID) and a check or money order for $15 made payable to Illinois Department of Public Health.

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  1. And i filled out the form but froze on the birthfather because for the life of me and i will never tell anyone this i dont know who the father is….does that make me a bad person…thus i dont think i put the name…

    • Carol – Unless he signed the certificate at time of birth he will not be listed. You do not have to put his name on the form. While my daughters father signed his rights away prior to her birth, the state would not list his name on her birth certificate unless he was present in the room at the time of her birth. he was not.

      Soooo, fill out the form and leave that blank. I did. It will be in line with what the state has on file.

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