Ohio Opens (Sort Of)

Lots of posts today celebrating the partial opening of the Ohio birth and adoption records. I am going to post links for those that qualify. I am also going to remind folks that partial opening is not really a celebration. Dirty bills that have restrictions (often called “mother may i”) is not something to celebrate. Allowing some adoptees to get their OBCs but restricting others (either due to age or by bill limitations allow mothers to refuse to be identified) is not something to rejoice — least not to me. Treat all adopted citizens as equal. Why is that so hard?

And while we are on the topic, what is going on in Illinois? Several months ago I got a jubilant email from Melisha Mitchell referencing efforts to allow mothers to get their surrendered child’s OBC. I want mine. I found my daughter. I know who she is, where she works, where her adoptive parents live, yet I am not allowed to have a copy of her un amended birth certificate identifying her as my daughter.

I have not looked lately at Illinois. Frankly I expected to get an email from Melisha. Has anything hapepened? Have I missed it?

So yeah, if you are Ohio born and surrendered, check out the new law.

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  1. Suz, I applied for my daughter’s OBC on January 2nd and received it a few weeks later. This page contains a link to the form that you need to fill out. It costs $15 and you have to mail the completed form and a check to the department of public health in Springfield. It took about 2 weeks for me to get it in the mail.


    We are still not allowed to get a copy of the amended BC though which doesn’t matter for me since I am reunited with my daughter but it doesn’t help any mothers who are still searching.

  2. Hi Suz – I don’t know if you missed any announcement. I originally heard about the OBC being available to us from your blog so I should be thanking you! I kept searching online for info at the end of December and all I could find was the info about the bill passing but nothing else. Then at the beginning of January I found that link. It doesn’t seem like they were trying very hard to get the word out!

    • I am so glad you did look! I was waiting for some rah rah shish boom bah from the Ilinois folks. Did not even go looking. As mentioned a bit consumed with my sons injury but was in the back of my head waiting for an update. Thank you for providing it! My envelope was dropped in mail today.

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