Longterm Impact of Adoption Surrender

Highly recommended read. Nothing new really. We all know this. Its been written, shared, discussed in many forums. However, I believe it is important we continue to share. Say it and say it again. Maybe some day more of the world will understand and think differently.

The longterm impact of giving up a child
Does relinquishing a child have long-term negative effects on a birth mother’s life? In the previous blog we began exploring that question. Here is a run down of several studies that indicate the way to a healthy, happy life is not having a child and giving it up for adoption. Yet everywhere today we see adoption as only a good thing. Celebrities adopt and the media thrives on the stories: See Sandra Bullock on the cover of People! Read more at [Birth Mother], First MOther Forum.

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  1. Yes, those of us who read the blogs are well aware of this information but the general public is clueless. That is until they are confronted with a “birth mother” and say something like “I could never give my baby up” – I think this a visceral reaction to what is so obviously against nature. In that moment they recognize the incredible loss adoption creates and that it would likely have terrible long-term side-effects.

    Of course, two minutes later they are telling a story about an AMAAAAZING adoptive family and an adoptee who LOOOOVES adoption! Followed up with a story about a birth mother who is so SELFLESS and HAAAAPY, but at the same time is also a trailer-bound breeder-‘ho.

    We need these studies to be circulated and re-circulated. Eventually they will leak through the “adoption is beautiful” filter.

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