Best Interests of the Child

Hi all.  I am still around.  I underwent nine hours of surgery on June 8th and am in the process of a lengthy recovery and rehab. I am on short-term disability for what I hope is truly a short-term. I don’t do resting well.  I have an active mind and many projects in process and it is a struggle to be idle.  If I had this amount of free time under different circumstances (read: not physically challenged) I would be writing like mad, making jewelry (just started with PMC3), studying, registering for new classes, taking photos, gardening, working on my home, taking day trips with my sons, experimenting with new hair colors and so much more.  As it is, I am relegated to reading, all I can do at present. Have read many books the past few weeks. While I am a voracious reader and am enjoying the books, I am hungering for the day when I can do more.  I see my surgeon for a post op follow-up this week and I am hoping to obtain clearance to introduce more activities into my schedule.

Wanted to offer one news item.

Registration is up for the St. Johns Adoption Conference in October. Register here. I am attending (first adoption conference I am NOT speaking at and I am rather looking forward to it). I am also rooming with the amazing ThirdMom once again.  Do let me know if you plan to attend.

“Best Interests of the Child?”
Race, Religion, & Rescue in Adoption

Conference Rational (excerpted from conference site)

“… join an exploration of a set of poignant, fundamental issues inherent in the adoption experience, although they are often not always openly addressed. We are referring to the many preconceived notions of the ideal family unit that prevail in our society and that have made the adoption experience challenging and painful to many; to the unexamined though well-intentioned motivations for adopting that may unwittingly create a complex dynamic between adoptees and their adoptive families, and complicate the development of healthy relationships among members of the adoption triad; to the paucity of accurate information about the unique nature of the adoption journey for each member of the triad and at each level of their experiences. This lifelong adoption journey evolves from when the idea of adoption first emerges and leads to the arrangement of an actual adoption, to the first encounter between strangers, through the various demands that emerge along the developmental progression of adoptees, and through the vicissitudes of their educational experience, the challenges that emerge during the dating experience, and their decision whether or not to establish their own family units, and on through middle and late adulthood. Indeed, research shows that adoption incurs lifelong consequences.”

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  1. Oh Suz, I am so glad your surgery is over and you’re recovering. I’m hoping you’ll be back in the saddle again soon.

  2. Shameless plug from your hubby but 2 1/2 weeks post recovery from surgery your recuperative powers are amazing mi amore!!!
    Kudos to you on following all the doctor’s orders.
    Long road to go but you’ll get there and be better than ever babe.

  3. Sorry to hear you’re down for the count. Will have to peruse your blog to see the cause. The conference sounds interesting, indeed. It amazes me how some of these conferences are finally catching up with. I got here via following you on twitter (which I’ve finally begun to employ). I am writing a blogged memoir from the perspective of a birth/first mom from the early open adoption era. Stop by. I also blog about mental health and the sacred ordinary on my main blog … which is linked to on twitter. All the best in your recovery!

  4. DOH. I wish I could go, but I’m already signed up to go to Toronto for the Origins Canada Adoption Experience Conference. Definitely keep us posted on how it goes. Its exactly the same days. Oh well, its good that there are so many.

  5. I wish I could go too, at the same month I have one full project to be completed. I hope I can join the next conference. I hope you are getting well soon.

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