Hope and a GED

Thank you for your continued support of Chloe & Isabel by Suz.  Your purchases during November and December 2013 provided the funds for our $150 donation to Hope House of Colorado.

If you are questioning the value of $150, I refer you to Hope House page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and see the value of various items. You may have helped a Teen Parent obtain her GED certification. You may have helped cover vision costs or groceries.  You may have even given her transportation for a month.  Trust me, these things may seem trivial to you or others, but to a mom struggling between putting food on the table or buying groceries, the funds are anything but trivial.  Additionally, by helping a single mom and her child, you help all future generations of that family.

So yeah, thank you. Visit our Facebook page for information on past donations funded by supporters of Chloe & Isabel by Suz.

$150 donation made to Hope House by Chloe & Isabel by Suz. Click image to view larger version.

$150 donation made to Hope House by Chloe & Isabel by Suz. Click image to view larger version.

4 Thoughts.

  1. None of those things are trivial. Putting food on the table of one who needs it and providing a GED that can enable them to put their own food on the table are all worthwhile donations. No one should think otherwise.

  2. Dreams analysis: not to be dismissed. I agree that a lot of dreams are a re imagining of the days’s events, but if you dream something with no connection at all to your day, or you see recurring trends. your mind may be trying to make sense of something or may be pointing to a truth. You have unresolved questions, one of which is: what would have been his reaction if he had known about the pregnancy?
    In my own case, my daughter’s bio grandfather encouraged the bio father to cut off all contact, and succeeded. I had sinned, after all..sigh.
    In empathy, another Susan

    • Hi Susan. Welcome! Agreed with your suggestions (as would my old therapist). Just so strange that bGramps would come to mind so many years later out of the blue. Still befuddled with that one.

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