Credit Where Credit is Due

I was alerted today that an individual unknown to me is using my photo/banner (picture of me, my back tat, looking out at Chicago), as their personal pro pic for Facebook.

This connected the dots on a question someone else asked me a few weeks ago. The question posed to me was “do you have another facebook profile under a different name?”.  I answered friend and informed her I only had one profile, under my real name, and I asked her why she would ask such a question. She never responded.

Today, when I was alerted of this stranger (that seems to have some connection to adoption) using my photo it seemed to fall into place.

Please note for the record I have only one personal Facebook account. I do however maintain a “brand” page for my jewelry biz. I also have this blog, two twitter accounts (one for personal use and one for jewelry), one pinterest account and one tumblr.  I also operate and maintain

Any other sites, outside of the above, bearing my name or likeness, do not belong to me. If you ever have a concern or question, please ask.

While I do not believe the stranger had any malicious intentions, I feel it is important to clarify. I recently found a few typos on another site that referenced me as an adoptive mother.  I had that corrected.  Being I volunteer, write, and operate in the adoption space, I feel it it important to note such inconsistencies. File it under street cred or something.

Maybe having been erased as my daughters mother by adoption,  I am particularly sensitive to proper use of my name and image.

3 Thoughts.

  1. I am probably very naive but I was very shocked by this. What do you say about someone who thinks it is appropriate to pass someone else off as themselves? Or the next question – Are they even who they say they are on Facebook? It’s creepy. The creepy cost of living in a wired world. I wonder sometimes if people will reach the point where they are no longer willing to pay that cost.

  2. I chatted online with the person today. Did not appear as anything sketchy had occurred. Person by her own admittance is not much of a techy. She saw my pic and she liked the tattoo image and she took it.

    I explained to her it was me, my “branding” (pun intendend) and that others had confused her with me. She was very apologetic and has since removed it.

    She liked the Man in the Maze image so I told her about it and encouraged her to look it up via google.

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