They Are Gone

In a furious attempt to find an old draft of my book, I ended up losing access to all of my daughters emails from early reunion.  I found her in 2005, June 28th to be exact. I used to have an .aol email address.  I saved all the emails, saved that address, even after I moved over to GMail. I kept it for her, because of her, because of reunion.

Today I lost them all.  I am only mildly upset by it. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  More recent years emails are on my gmail but somehow, I feel like I lost a baby blanket or something. The first few items I was granted upon reunion, her words, no matter how difficult they were.  Gone.

Perhaps what is most interesting about this event is that I lost them in the act of trying to locate another file, a draft of my memoir. I recently joined a writing group and I have begun making serious progress on my book.

Perhaps I had to lighten the load I was carrying before I could add more to it.

I don’t know.

Perhaps I am trying to put a positive spin on something really pretty upsetting.

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    • Heh. I should add that also in my furious attempt to find that file I found a very long, very honest email from my daughter that I had printed and saved in a file. It is really pretty fab and probably the most honest real thing I ever got from her. Probably why I printed it.

    • Thanks Erika. I am very motivated lately. Found a great writing group. Feel like I can finally make some progress. I have many books to write.

  1. Maybe it’s a good thing that you’ll start fresh. Glad you found a writing group. I’ve found that to be so important. As my friend Rhonda Rae says, WRITE ON! 🙂

  2. Suz, I can relate to the loss of the emails, or more correctly to the attempt to pack them away and save them. I have floppy disks on which I copied all the early emails between my and daughter and myself. I don’t have a computer to read them from anymore, but I can not part with the old floppies. I wish you well with your book. Write On!

  3. Oh, I’m sorry to hear this Suz. Maybe it will turn out to be a good thing though. I have some things I hang onto and I’m not sure why because they’re not really positive. I’m not sure why I’m even hanging on to some stuff. I hope you do put together a book because you’re an excellent writer and good books help others.

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