Sending Babies Finding Mothers

The Place of Separation for Hundreds of Mothers and Children

I am pleased to report that my blog breadcrumb post titled 2130 N. Kenmore is doing what it was intended to do.  Illinois adoptees with newly acquired copies of their OBC in hand are googling the address that is listed as their mothers home address.

Of course, it is not their mothers’ home address, rather it is the address of the maternity home their mother was interred in during her pregnancy. They don’t know this until they fall upon my post.

The most recent person to pick up this breadcrumb is an adoptee that I am currently helping. He hopes to locate his mother. Much to our mutual surprise, I knew his mother. She was kept at the home during the same time I was.  I am sharing with him what I knew/know of her while I simultaneously search for her.

What surprised me most about his story was not that I knew his mother but rather that he was exported. He was born in Chicago yet adopted by non US Citizens – in 1986!

I am writing this post to share this information for the benefit of others, to again reinforce the 2130 N. Kenmore breadcrumbs dropped here and here and also to remind myself to update the post White Flag Realities.

Mothers need to know, correction, must be told that surrendering your child in the US does not guarantee they will remain in the U.S. The good old USofA not only imports children from other countries but we also export them – or as some prefer to say –  we are a “sending country”.

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  1. is the fellow you are helping African-American or mixed race? I had heard that some American agencies were marketing children of color to other countries that were supposedly less racist.That is exciting that you knew his mother and may be able to help him.

    • Hi Addison and Maryanne – I am. He is an incredible young man. I am honored to know him. I am working on a lead that I believe may be his mother. He and I correspond at least once a day.

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