Providence for a First Mom [Book]

Caroline DixonNew adoption themed book. Recently published and made available via Amazon.  The author is Caroline Dixon and she happens to be the first mom of one my friends.  Funny thing is that I have never met this friend in person yet we have been internet friends for close to ten years (maybe more?). We met on Livejournal and have stayed friendly through Facebook.  I hope to get out to her part of the States some time in the future and meet her and her family for realz!

The book description on Amazon:

Where does love begin? Experience true love from the perspective of, The First Mom. A touching story that will make its way into every inch of your heart, tapping into every emotion a person can feel: joy, enlightenment, sadness, and even anger, Caroline pulls back the curtain on the life of a teenage mother as she shares her story of abandonment and rejection for the choices she made as a sixteen year old teenager. Reuniting with her daughter, Rebecca, did not come as easily as she’d hoped. Yet the pain, overshadowed by joy, reveals the love of being The First Mom. Providence For A First Mom is a must read.


I am just about done with Tapioca Fire by Suzanne Gilbert and this is next on the list.  You can buy it on Amazon.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! You are such a dear friend of mine and I’m glad you will get to read her book. I expect many of her feelings will resonate with you. I’d love for you to visit. You and yours are welcome any time. Love & hugs, Rebecca

    • Looking forward to it arriving. Was hoping for Kindle but did just order the paperback! Which means it will be added to my notable library of adoption books!

  2. Thank you, Suz. I cannot begin to express my appreciation for the friendship you share with my baby girl and am looking forward to getting better aquainted! I am overwhelmed by the response to my little story. With gratitude!

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