Fragmented List Post

I have a great deal on my mind that I would like to blog about yet I feel rather disjointed and unable to string the thoughts together into any sort of sensical posting. As such I shall give you a list post.

  1. I find people who come to my blog but choose to mask their referrer or ip to be intriguing. Really, why, who? I suppose I dont get that. If I feel the need to hide myself from someplace, I probably have no good reason to go there. So I dont. I certainly dont have the time to go all anonym and hiding my ass.  Curious.
  2. I have been wanting to blog more about the acknowledgement that the author put in her book. The action  stirred up some good conversation on my facebook adoption filter.  I just cannot seem to muster up the energy (see above about inability to string together coherent thoughts).
  3. I have had a topic brewing in my head for weeks since the prompt appeared on Susies blog. The topic involves the idea of taking your child out of your reunion. Sounds odd at first, but if you think about it, it may make sense. It does to me and I want to talk about it but the words are so jumbled now. I am waiting. (Again, see above issue of jumbled words).
  4. My husband received a compliment on my blog from a mutual friend. We were not aware that said friend even read my blog. I dont mind of course but I do like to know. I appreciated the feedback. So if you are out there, dear reader friend, thank you.  And thank you to my husband for responding so well in kind when the compliment on my blog was given to him. There was no shame invovled, no embarassment, in fact he seemed kinda proud of me too. Thats cool. That wasnt always the case with me and the men in my life. Love you baby.
  5. Speaking of my blog, I find it amusing that the # 1 keyword that refers people to my blog is the word “cry”. Did I mention that already?
  6. As part of the post I mentioned above, I did something strange.  I googled my daughters original name.  I dont know why. I was just curious if there were any other Amber Lyn Bednarz’ out there. Of course, I got results from my own postings during my search period.  Have you ever done that? If so, what did you find?
  7. Speaking of googling, you dont need to google the website of my friend Denise’s upcoming book.  I am going to give it to you right here. Visit to read more about the forthcoming adoption memoir by my friend, Denise Roessle.


4 Thoughts.

  1. Wo, Nelly, a lot to respond to in this post! Suz, it’s okay to be scattered. We are all, sometimes if not most of the time. Lately, getting ready for my book’s release, I have no ground, I am bouncing off all kinds of walls. But that will get better.

    I’m thinking, be curious about the “hiders” but don’t waste time or energy on it.

    Let your thoughts gather about the book you have been represented in. No need to write about it immediately. Give yourself space on that.

    Not familiar with Susie’s post. Or the compliment to your husband, although he surely deserves it. A bit about that: when I married Henry (and for years after) people I knew told me I was lucky, what a good catch he was. At some point, I began suggesting that HE was lucky too! What a great catch I was. It worked. People started referring to us as a perfect couple, as opposed to one being more perfect (the catch) for the other.

    Finally, thank you for referring your readers to my website.

    You are my blogging heroine. And you are so dear to me, even though we haven’t yet met. I hope we will next year.

  2. I’ll tie my response into Denise’s remark over the ‘good catch/perfect couple’. Hopefully I am not over sharing Suz, if I am just smack me later tonight when you get home, LOL. On our first date I told Suz I felt she was out of my league, I meant in terms of intellect, smarts & such. I still feel that way, we’ve talked & joked about it during the course of our relationship. However, what Suz has instilled in me is there are MANY different facets of a relationship & we ‘balance’ each other out incredibly well, this ties into Denise’s ‘perfect couple’ comment, maybe some couples just ‘get’ each other & they can balance their individual strengths and weaknesses to the betterment of the relationship as a whole.
    We too have had people tell us, ‘you’re lucky to have him Suz’ and many of my friends have said to me, ‘wow, she’s gorgeous, what is she doing with you’, mind you they’re not mean-spirited when they say that, I suppose they just view me as your ‘average Joe’ & let’s face it Suz is quite beautiful. We’ve learned to just roll with it in a way, we balance each other out & consider ourselves BOTH very fortunate to have met how we did at such a point in our lives where we both knew what we wanted(and just as importantly, what we did NOT want in a relationship) out of a relationship.
    Sorry for the length of this diatribe, lastly, YES thank you to that friend who remarked how much they love your blog & what a terrific writer you are.
    As Dave from Storage Wars would say: YUPPPPPPPPP!!!! And YES, I am VERY proud of you Mrs. Bednarz-Kish, xoxoxo

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