Fifty People, One Question – Chicago [video]

A dear friend in Austria sent me this link. She attended my wedding in Chicago (see photo, left, click for larger version) and fell in love with the city as much as I did in 1986.

The video, which moved me to tears for several reasons,  asks fifty random people what their favorite memory is, presumably of Chicago (though several answered differently). My personal favorite memory of Chicago is likely pretty obvious: holding my new-born daughter for three days.  Beyond that it is nearly impossible for me to pick one favorite memory of Chicago or anywhere. I have many.


P.S. And hey Nick and Andrea from CT that saw Lady Gaga at the Excel Center!

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  1. Okay, I’m dating myself here, but one of my favorite memories of Chicago is walking the 3 miles from my house to Wrigley Field, picking up friends along the way, at six in the morning to wait in line for day of game bleacher tickets to see the Cubs. Did that frequently from 6th grade through high school. Love that city.

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