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Claud presented an SEO session at the American Adoption Congress. I felt she did a great job. While everything she shared was well known to me (I do similar stuff professionally), I must embarassingly admit I did not follow it for ten years on my own blog. I did not really care much about my blog rankings, visitors, stats. Well, not that much. Years ago I used to frantically check my stats to see if my daughter was visiting (she never has to my knowlege although her adoptive parents did at least once or twice). These days, I really do not care. I dont write for traffic. I do not write for her (at least not these days). I write for release. “If I do not write to empty my mind, I go mad” – Lord Byron

HOWEVER, Claud’s points at her session were well taken. We have have a voice in adoption reform. Birth/First mothers matter. We can change things. People google. When they google, they find stuff. Stuff they find can influence them.

‘Nuff said.

I resurrected my old Google analytic account, I installed the WordPress All in One SEO and off I went (I did some other stuff too).

I have more to do but before I do I want you to take a peek at the chart below. Yes, I deleted the left axis. I do not want you to see #s I want you to see the SPIKE in my analytic since I started making my improvements.

Many of us knew this but Claud is a genius.

Thanks Claudia.


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