Always Interesting

In my professional life I am interviewing candidates for web copywriters and web site managing editors.  Tonight, while checking my various stats, I notice that one of the candidates I am interviewing on Thursday Google surfed me.

Always interesting when that happens.

Part of me expects and appreciates it. I am a new media professional, content strategist, web writer. I expect people I hire to do the same things I would do. That is, to check out the online presence of someone they are interviewing with to prepare for the interview.

But what happens when that Google surfing shows you not the persons professional media experience but rather than over exposure in the adoption area and their related strong position. What does one think when you have been granted access to the deepest secrets of a person via their public blog? Does it influence you in the interview? Do you ask the interviewer (me) about that? What if that person is someone effected by adoption?


Should be an interesting interview on Thursday.

4 Thoughts.

  1. I wonder about the same thing sometimes. I have the blog about adoption but also am an artist with 2 other blogs, an Etsy site and FB pages. I am also working on a painting series about adoption so the 2 segments of my life sometimes overlap. I don’t usually put the adoption paintings on the business sites at this point but it’s certainly easy enough for people to come across them. Would my opinions on adoption affect my business and sales of my other work or whether or not a student signs up for an art class? Unless a potential customer or student tells me so I guess I’ll have no way of knowing.

  2. I’ll be eager to hear how the interview went. You know I’ve long been a fraidy cat about what’s on the Internet about me. I’ve let a lot of that go. I’m no longer in a professional position (hiring/getting hired). And NOW that my memoir has been accepted by a publisher (just yesterday, I’m so excited!), I’m thinking… hmmm… yeah, I want people to know about me in that regard and about the impacts of adoption.

    • Denise – CONGRATS on the publishing! That is awesome. I will be one of the first to purchase! As for the “outing” I am no longer overly paranoid about it. Adoption is part of me. Not all of me. if someone cannot see that, I likely dont want them in my life – personal or professional. I no longer hide.

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