Amazon Transparent

Hubby and I watched all episodes of the Amazon original program Transparent over the weekend.   I enjoyed it. I do not want to share too much as I might spoil it for you.  Here is a bit of a teaser.

Transparent tells the story of a 70-year-old divorced father coming out to his children as a woman. The story flashes back to father’s early life when he first began dressing as a woman and realizing his gender/identity. While I have no experience in this transgender area, I want to think the writers do the experience some degree of justice. I say that because while I cannot relate to being born in the body of the wrong gender, I can relate to society telling me I am not a mother when I clearly am. I can relate to having feelings inside me that society does not acknowledge and more importantly, encourages me to deny. The pain and conflict felt by the character (played by Jeffrey Tambor) is very familiar to me. I lost count at the number of times my heart ached for the Mort/Maura during the process of coming out to family and friends.

Mort/Maura has three grown children – two daughters and one son. Their lives are also a bit challenging. In the last two episodes, we learn that the son (who happens to be a bit of a womanizer) conceived a child with his teenage babysitter – when he himself was a teenager. Unknown to him, the babysitter had the child and surrendered the child to adoption. The child, a boy, shows up in the last two episodes. While we do not hear much from him, I suspect (perhaps hope), the show will get a second season and we will learn more about the boys’ adoption and his reunion with his natural parents.

For more info, visit the Amazon Prime site or read the review by NPR.