Writer Angst

My issue of the Adoption Constellation magazine appeared in my mailbox this afternoon. I felt a pang of regret as I pulled it out of the box.

I had been asked to contribute a piece, based on a earlier blog post, on adoption language and communication. I accepted the assignment but was unable to deliver on it due to my wedding and competing life priorities. The editors were understanding. I was disappointed – in myself.

Now that I flip the pages and see the other contributors – Claud, Mary Anne Cohen, Dr. John Raible, Meg Jeske, I find myself even more disappointed.

I really need more time in my life.  (I recently had to turn down yet another adoption themed gig due to my full life. I suppose that is a good problem to have, a wonderful full life, but I do feel sad at times that I cannot find more time in my days.)

Still hoping the last issue comes online in the future. Will link to it if it does. I really like the piece Dawn wrote on adoption reunion relationships and the online world. It spoke to me (which is probably why Dawn interviewed me for the article.)

3 Thoughts.

  1. Just curious, are any of those people only adoptees? I don’t know about Meg Jeske, but are any of the rest only adoptees?

  2. Joy, – Not sure I understand your question so I may answer it wrong. The bios of all contributors are listed in the front of the magazine and yes, there are regular adoptee contributors. I do not find the magazine only for adoptees.I pointed out specific names I know or read regardless of their position in adoption trauma. I should also note I failed to include Cedar Bradley as she also has an article this time. She, is of course, a mother, not an adoptee. If you are looking for a magazine that is adoptee only, I can assure you this one is not such a read.

  3. 4 of the 8 highlighted contributors listed are adoptees, along with the publisher, the Chief Editorial director, and another high level editor. Only one, Raible, of the above 7 adoptees listed are not “only” adoptees.

    Of the other highlighted contributors, 3 were mothers who surrendered, and two were adoptive mothers.

    so there’s your head count Joy (not even including the other writers who arent listed on the first page, several of whom are “only” adoptees as well.)

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