Ruminating on Claims

Denise’s comment on my last post has been sitting with me. The fact that she was NOT (by her own admission) in love with her child’s father yet feels the same way as I did on the need to be claimed speaks volumes to me. Okay, maybe not volumes but certainly an additional blog post or two. It also reminds me of my friend T, an Easter House mother I recently reconnected with. I have previously written about T and referred to her as the “one who escaped”. T married her child’s father. She was released from the Easter House grasp and was married.  I found myself simultaneously envious of her and over the moon. She was claimed. She got to keep her baby.

The power of claiming.

I am ruminating on it. While I do, I want to offer another song that touched me in that birth father place when I first heard it. (If you havent already guessed, I am a fan of female singer/songwriters.  Allison Sudol/Fine Frenzy has a magical voice. She also has some pretty rad hair!)