Conference Blogging

I fully intend to blog about the St. Johns Conference.

This week has been busy and well, honestly, I always deal with a bit of post-conference fallout. It is usually emotional but this time it decided to be physical and I was struck with some sort of stomach combo respiratory bug thingee.  I do have a blog post drafted but I dont like it. It is ranbly and disconnected.  Needs work.  Pondering breaking the post up into smaller chunks/topics and making each one its own post.

For now, I share with you a photo taken at dinner one night. Photo credit goes to Dr. David Smolin. In photo: Margie/ThirdMom/Angry Adoptive Mom, Me with latest crazy hair color (it has since faded a bit) and the well known Claud of Musings of the Lame. The four of us inhaled a fabulous Indian dinner at a  restaurant in Tribeca.  3 hours of wonderful company, stimulating conversation and tasty food.

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  1. That was one great evening!!! And may I say for the record, I LOVE that hair color, I say hang onto it for awhile!

    Will read your next post carefully over the weekend, it’s another crazy day down here!! Ai yi yi!!

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