Do a little dance, flip a little bird, get down tonight!

the mother and child reunion
is only a motion away
oh the mother and child reunion
is only a moment away." – Paul Simon

Can you see me?

Oh, no, thats right, you hear my computer monitor secrets but seeing me is a bit much. Technology has not yet advanced to that. 

If you could see me, you would see an unwashed, sinus infected woman sitting in her red undies and a peach tee shirt eating a bagel and drinking a cup of coffee.  You would also see me dancing a jig in my home office all the while flipping the bird at closed records, Seymour Kurtz and the Friends of Children adoption agency.

Another baby girl found her mama today. They are chatting on AIM as I type this.  Over the past few weeks my friend R, the adoptee, has been furiously googling and gathering information. I was also doing background checks and googling and making phone calls and writing letters. 

Together we found her mama.

At midnight last night I received this:

"Oh Wow!  Hi, Suzan,
Yes, if your friend is a young lady who was adopted at birth, then you’ve found her mother. 🙂
I knew this day would come!!!! … Of course, I may be getting ahead of myself, but I’ve been waiting for several years now.

Please feel free to contact me.  My number is"

I have spent hours on the phone today with both mother and child. I adore them both.  They are chatting on aim now.

Massive shout out and huge hugs and love to R and her mama B.

And a big old flipping middle finger to the cretins behind the Kurtz network of agencies and all those that support closed records.

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  1. {{{clap clap clap clap}}}
    One of these days I want to meet you in person and hear more about you work your magic.

  2. I’ve been involved in a few reunions – other than my own that is – and it is such a rewarding experience. Meeting and talking to people newly reunited warms the heart.
    Good for you!

  3. SUZ I join you in flipping the bird. F-U kurtzie boy! FU!!!!!
    Congrats to R… reminds me sooo much of my own reunion…..YAY!

  4. OMG, Suz! That is SO SO SO COOL! I can remember us all doing happy dances in the PACER support group I once facilitated whenever someone announced they had found! It never gets old. I love this stuff. Hooray for you, and best to them!!!

  5. Suz, my dear friend, you are the best…
    Just remember, someone really awesome once said…
    “I don’t believe in Karma, I don’t believe in fate, what we achieve, we achieve on our own, but when you do a good deed, it will come back to you, that’s not karma, that’s not fate, that’s life!”
    My Dad said that, and believe me he was always right, all you had to do was ask him *hah*. Your time is coming 🙂

  6. Ain’t it grand!!!!!!! I love doing those myself. In fact a natural sibling of twins that I helped reunite is now a better mouth piece than I am. She is preaching it now.

  7. I am still desperately desperately desperately searching for my birthmom. I was adopted through Friends of Children. Any ideas for me anyone?

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