Shades of Grey

Have any of my readers here read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy?

I am finishing up the third book. I was surprised not only by the erotic fiction/BDSM (I should really read book reviews before I blindly buy on amazon) but also the adoption thread.

Anyone read? Thoughts (before I spew mine and spoil it for anyone interested in reading the book)?

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    • Yup. The main character – Christian Grey – is the adoptee. Calls his mother “the crackwhore birthmother.” (apparently she was which to me is a bit too cliche, as you and I know, living in a house of expectant mothers, I dont remember one being a crack whore)

  1. Interesting…and a bit cliched. And know, if I remember correctly, one addict and one actual streetwalker, but none that I knew of that were actual crack whores. Mostly just us good Catholic girls 🙂

    • LOL. Streetwalker? Have you been talking to my mother? That is a word she would use. Are you inferring homeless person or hooker? I am only guessing who you are referring to. Did not know about the addict but then again you were in the cool maternity home confined crowd. Heh.

  2. I’ve read them & frankly I was annoyed @ the adoption theme. Reading is my escape! I didn’t want to identify with Christian as an adoptee & while I recognize there are true stories of such adoption scenarios ie wicked first mom I found it to be sensationalized to the extreme. Funny that she sensationalized sex didn’t bother me… However, overall I enjoyed the series & it’s partly set in Portland. 🙂 Laters, Suz. Xoxo

    • I am enjoying it as well and will do a full personal review when I finish book three. As for the adoption theme, all too cliche indeed, but I do have to say I found it very interesting that he prefers to be dominant to women who look like his “crackwhore birthmother” and gets joy from inflicting pain on them. I also find it interesting that Ana gave him that outlet but for some reason when she accepted him as he is/was he no longer needed to beat the image of his mother. The author did fall on some adoption cliche but did seem to also put some degree of thought/research, maybe?

  3. Funny, I thought you were in the cool crowd 🙂
    And yes, I believe to use our Mother’s expression a streetwalker. At least that is what she told me, maybe she was just trying to shock the quiet innocent girl.
    And no, not such good Catholic girls, oh well.

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