OT: Hubby Love

Pretty much off topic wherein I will do nothing but gush about my husband.

I have been unwell of late due to cervical disc herniation. Treatment plan is still being decided. In the meantime, I am adjusting to a variety of medicinal measures. I am having allergic reactions, having to adjust dosages and forgetting to take meds which leaves me in intense pain.

I have been cranky, sleepy, unable or unwilling to cook, avoiding many domestic chores to inability to lift things. Overall, I am not a fun person to be around right now.

My darling husband has been outstanding.  I am so appreciative.  Never in my life have I been so well cared for, so understood, or felt so loved.

Therefore, this post is nothing but a shameless expression of foolish love for the man that has loved me like no other.

Aint he cute?

(Oh, and if any of my readers have experience with cervical disc herniation C5-C7, I would love to hear how you handled and what treatment optiosn you pursued. Knowledge is power to me. Write me privately at bluestokking at gmail dot com).

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    • I agree but you know it took me some time to get to that point – and to accept it. My two previous relationships were so negatively effected by my adoptionn “stuff” it is refreshing to finally be able to accept the love that is given – and it is given.

  1. As the vows we took last August said, ‘in sickness & in health’ my love.
    As you once wrote on my cast when I had my torn achilles, ‘this too shall pass’.
    Hugs and kisses.

  2. I had a problem years ago with L4 and L5, not the same as you of course, but know that it’s really sapping of energy to go through what you are. Hope you feel better soon, but in the meantime, so happy you have such a good man there for you!

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