Adoptee Suicide

On this day, World Suicide Prevention Day, I encourage you to read this post over at Elle Cuardaigh – Adoptee Suicide Revisited.  Rough read but one that I believe must be read and shared.  I found the passage below to be particularly insightful.

“We weren’t born, so death is of no consequence.

There is a certain detachment to adoption. Being “chosen” rather than “born to” does it. Because we did not arrive by natural means, and so much mystery (or outright lies) are our baggage, we often feel not only that we do not fit in, but that we are disposable. That’s the thing about being chosen, you can be unchosen. And some adoptees aren’t going to wait for the dismissal, they are going to finally take control of their life by ending it.” – Elle Cuardaigh

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