GIMH: Treasured Photos of Adoption

Grown in My Heart has a blog carnival going on that asks one to post their most treasured photo of adoption.  This may seem odd but the photos below are treasured to me.   They represent the only places (outside of my parents home) that I was with my daughter. I spent five months with her in utero in the first photo and 3 days in the second.

Gehring Hall Maternity Home. Read this post to learn more about Gehring Hall.

Gehring Hall, North Kenmore Street, Chicago IL


The Place of Separation for Hundreds of Mothers and Children

St. Joseph Hospital. Where those girls from Gehring delivered their babies .

Where my baby girl was born

3 Thoughts.

  1. I can understand why these would mean so much to you. I feel much the same about Evanston IL which is the only place in the world I know I was with my mother.

  2. When we went to Korea in 2001, we got very close to our children’s birthplaces – in one case we found and visited the hospital. In the photos we took, both kids have a kind of “deer in the headlights” look in their eyes. The emotion was palpable.


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