Readers of a Different Kind

Have you landed on a Google Reader replacement yet?

I don’t read many adoption blogs these days – probably a handful – but the ones I do I find valuable.  Additionally, I read blogs on fashion, jewelry making, teen parenting, content strategy and site search.

Have been trying a few out and so far haven’t landed anywhere yet.

How about you?

5 Thoughts.

  1. Hi, de-lurking to say I’ve tried both Feedly and The Old Reader. I don’t love either one, but so far The Old Reader seems more like Google Reader than anything else. It’s super buggy, but I am hoping they clean it up as more and more people join. =)

  2. I tried one a week or so ago ~ don’t even remember what it was called. I was that un-impressed…

    I wish Google Reader would just stay around!!

    • When Google goes away, wont Feed-ly stop working too? So many of these other readers use Google as their back end.

      • It’s my understanding that Feedly is planning to import your feeds when Google Reader stops. I’m using Feedly but I don’t love it at all. The Old Reader looks the same as, ha, the old Reader, but it’s so slow and buggy. I keep hoping someone will just build Google Reader all over again.

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