Fighting with JOOMLA

“Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a forgetting of the breath. Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important. Just lie down.” – Natalie Goldberg

A week or so ago, my ehbabes site was hacked. I had an insecure php script. Interestingly, I learned of the hacking via google alerts. I have an alert set up for my site and google alerts found and notified me of the bad, hacked script via a search. I was amused and pleased.

I have been trying to get the site up on JOOMLA.  Years ago when I created it, I hard coded the entire site in HTML and Javascript. It has become too much to regularly update the HTML and scripts so I chose to move to a CMS. I have so far been pleased with what I have seen of JOOMLA and do believe once I get it up and running site updates will be far easier for me.

But its taking longer than I want. I have had issues with my site, had to wipe the db a few times, reinstall JOOMLA and mysql db just keeps fighting me. I called in the help of my ISP. They dont support JOOMLA of course but they have been very helpful on the backed with the db.  Additionally, the JOOMLA forums have been equally helpful.

This has been keeping me up at night. Seriously. I did not lose any data, I have my entire search registry, the static pages, I have not lost any critical data. Yet I worry, ridiculously, needlessly, continually, that during the days my site has been down, OMG, maybe a mom, or an adoptee from EH might have actually reconnected if my site had been up.

Clearly I need to chill a bit. There are a enough Net breadcrumbs of me and my Kurtz connections that someone searching for EH or other Kurtz network could certainly find me. Yet, I stress.

Off I go back to JOOMLA land…

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  1. Good luck. This kind of stuff is very stress-making, especially when tech support is hard to find. Keeping my fingers crossed that you’re back up ASAP.
    Did Hanna cause any problems in your neck of the woods?

  2. Huh???? Joomla???? Huhh???
    I am sorry you are stressed honey and I am so clueless when it comes to that stuff.
    Hugs & Love! My thoughts are with ya.

  3. So, Jean, I guess you heart Joomla? I was going to delete the duplicates but they amused me so I had to leave them. Hugs gf!

  4. Call me when you run into trouble… this is my domain. And believe me, I’ve been through the gamut with Joomla struggles. It may just be your hosting company. I used to host with a company that I also went through many pains with a Joomla site. When I switched to a company that optimizes for Joomla, all the pains went away…
    Look on the bright side though… you won’t forget what you’re learning! Some of the best struggles I’ve gone through have produced the most solid knowledge I have with computers.
    Ping me if you need too…
    Take care,

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