98 Days Left

I signed off of Facebook yesterday with the knowledge that I would not be logging back in for 99 days. I have many reasons for this but the most compelling is that I want to be more productive with my time. I find, particularly when I am home at night, I spend a ridiculous amount of time browsing through my feed, sharing content or responding to messages. I also peek in now or then during the work day. While each visit may be only a few minutes, cumulatively, over a day, they surely add up.

When I announced my plans, I had several friends express sarcasm and shock.  Comments such as “Good luck with that” and “I could never do that” only strengthened my cause.  I joked with another friend that I felt as if I was in a group of alcoholics who were urging me to drink to justify their own habit.  I opted out and hopped on the 99 day wagon.

I will admit I felt the urge many times to check in on my friends. Each time I felt the need, I turned to my Kindle app on the iPad (currently reading three books) or started writing. While I am still tempted, I am encouraged.  I am already spending my time in more productive way.  I do miss my friends and such but my hope is that we can stay in touch (maybe even spend more F2F time together) via other methods. I do intend to return at the end of the 99 days. My dream is that when I return, I will spend less time there and more time on other projects that will have taken flight during my hiatus.

To my Facebook friends here and there, thank you for hanging around.



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  1. I wish you much luck with this venture. I never had time to join and now I’m glad that I’m not involved with Facebook since I hear many more negative things about it than I do positive. I understand that teens no longer spend their time on facebook as they’ve switched to twitter, instagram and snapchat. I wonder what the lure will be twenty years down the road?

  2. Suz, good for you. I am several years older than you, and I think from a generation that isn’t quite as techy, though I do see a lot of friends who like to have a lot of friends on Facebook. I have found the less I go on the less I need to go on and it’s a relief in a lot of ways. Also I tell my friends if you need me to know something, send me an email. And if you really really need me, give me a phone call!!. That way I actually get to have a “conversation” with them. Hope it works for you, it’s very liberating

    • THanks Katrina. I find I really would prefer to see my friends live, meet for coffee, go on a trip and visit them in their town. I dislike some of the habits I see Facebook creating in me and others. I fully embrace technology but too much of anything is never a good thing for me.

  3. As you know, I instituted Facebook Fridays and that is working pretty well so I think I will stay with that one day a week. I do miss updates on friends but I can always go to their page and see what’s going on on Friday. I do find I am doing more writing.

    But cold turkey is good too!! All in all I don’t really miss it. I also cancelled my trial membership on ancestry.ca. The thrill of the hunt was taking up a lot of time but I did trace my family back quite far.

    Good for you and Good Luck!

  4. I’m glad you still have an online presence. Perhaps quality vs quantity. I admire you for doing what feels right for you, despite the criticism you might receive. I wish we could go grab coffee. Long distance relationships bite. Love and hugs, Rebecca

  5. Good for you, Suz! Maybe one day I can follow your lead, and leave for even a week. I’ll miss you, but as long as I know I can email you, and read your blogs, it’s all good.

  6. GOOD FOR YOU! I am ever aware of how intrusive Facebook can be. I am learning to balance myself and my time in better ways, too! I appreciate you and your insight!

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