2013 Adoption Themed Books

I am drafting my 2013 adoption themed reading list.  Have any new books come  out? Any old ones that might be worth reading?  While I have read many (too many to list in fact) I welcome your suggestions even if they are repeats.

As noted in the comment thread with Katrina, I had started ROOM but did not finish it. Now that I have been told there is an adoption theme, I may have to pick it up again.

I am open to all – pure adoption books and memoirs – but also fiction that has an adoption theme.

Please suggest. Share you favorite and tell us why!

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  1. I was very excited to come across your post and I look forward to checking out your suggestions! I currently major in child, adolescent and family psychology and find early childhood development issues fascinating (particularly adoption!). I was lucky enough to come across author Catana Tully and her book, Split at the Root (http://splitattheroot.com/). The author writes from her own personal experience about being adopted into a family who’s race and culture differed from her own. The book takes place during World War 2 and follows Catana’s journey from birth to adulthood. Split at the Root is a story of great historical significance for all persons interested in coming to terms with diversity. Family secrets, lies, protections, cultural viewpoints, racism and biases are brought to the surface and faced in grace and acceptance. Catana struggles to find her identity, the true story behind her birth parents, and her place in the world. This book highlights important issues for those who have or plan to adopt a child of a different race and/or culture. Thank you so much for your suggestions and I hope you enjoy mine! It is an eye-opener and beautifully written.

  2. From an adoptee perspective with Native American history:
    One Small Sacrifice: A Memoir
    Two Worlds: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects (with Patricia Busbee)
    I am the adoptee who wrote and edited them.
    My memoir is being used in a graduate sociology course.
    Two Worlds has been chosen by Brock University as the “Brock Reads 2013-2014” Book for the entire university to teach and share.

  3. Thanks for preparing the 2013 list. There seems to be something of value in every adoption story I read. My blog site is…

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