Twin Females Born 04/27/1983

I have twin daughters…it’s been so many years of hoping they would contact me, I registered w/ Illinois, but still no word from my girls, Easter House, did wrong, they lied, ….so many things I was unaware of, anyway, I’m so hoping to find them, not to interfere w/ their lives, just to see they are ok, they were loved, but, if they allowed me to be a part of their lives, it will be amazing… – TH

If you are a female with a twin sister born April 27, 1983 and adopted via Easter House, write me.  If you are not aware of being a twin, but were born on this date, write me as well.  Experience suggests Easter House did not separate siblings but it is always possible.

Your first mother is looking for you both.

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  1. Hi. Did you happen to give a stuffed animal (pink rabbit that played music) to your daughter or daughters? I was adopted and thought I found my birth mom whenever I turned eighteen but the facts didn’t add up including the fact that she didn’t know about the stuffed animal and didn’t have her baby in April.

    • Hi LP.. I am Suz the owner of this blog and I cross post registry listings to this blog. They are not from me. Natural parents send them into me and I post (and tweet and facebook). I can look up the details on this date. I assume you are saying you were born on this date and were given a pink rabbit that played music? Feel free to write me privately at bluestokking at gmail dot com to discuss further. I generally discourage people from putting too much on line (Read Scam I Am for an explanation of what can happen).

    • One more thing, if you were born in IL, you can get your original birth certificate copy which should/will show your first mothers full name on it. Again, write me if you wish to learn more. I do have the email from the mother who sent me this listing about her twins born on this date.

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