Finding the Dead

I heard from the Holocaust Survivors Museum on my inquiry from two years ago. They sent me numerous photos of files on my grandfather (my father’s father).

Learned he was interned in Auschwitz in April 1941 two months before my father was born.  Doing much research now with new information. Hoping to find more.  If you have any contacts, recommendations, etc. for tracing victims of the Holocaust please comment and I will contact you. Welcome contact with anyone that can translate German or Polish.

My most personal search to date. My father died not ever knowing his own father, or what happened to him. I am determined to find him – even knowing I will find a grave.

And yes, I realize my own experience, my daughters lack of desire to know me, fuels my desire to some degree to help my Dad find his Dad – despite them both being deceased. My daughter may not want to know her history but my Dad wanted to know his and never did.

I am going to find him for you, Daddy.

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  1. I just heard an ad for the Jewish History center on the radio, so looked it up. They do genealogy among other things. Here is their website:
    If your grandfather died in Auschwitz there would be no grave, just the dust and ashes, but you probably know that. Good luck in your search, That is a very decent thing to do in memory of your Dad.

    • No. He did not die there. That is where he started. He spent at least 7 years in various camps and was released from Natzweiler Struthof camp and repatriated. I am attempting to trace him post release. He was in Auschwitz, NZS, subcamp Kochem, Buchenwald (Mittlebau-Dora). The Holocaust Museum sent me all records and I have some from my grandmother.

      • There is a Canadian show called ancestors in the attic… If you google the name of the show and auswitch you may find an episode with a similar search. They really get into detail about how to conduct a search…good luck

  2. if you still need assistance in translating German documents, please feel free to contact me, Id be glad to help. (TAO contacted me about your post) .


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