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I determined late Friday that my blog theme had been busted, likely but a recent upgrade.  I also discovered that mysterious inbox.  I spent the past weekend trying out new themes, editing content, deleting content, and more.  I have many remaining tasks but I am happy with where it is going.  More importantly, editing old posts, redesigning, etc has re-invigorated my desire to blog.  You will likely see more frequent posts coming from me soon!

To acclimate you to the new digs:

  • Top nav menu bar will get you into basic About information, Best of the Blog,  Baubles for Babes project info, allow you to Contact Me and also Subscribe to this blog via email. By subscribing posts will get emailed to you.
  • Middle section (slider) will feature photos that support the posts they link to. Some will be new posts, some will be popular ones (as voted by readers) and others will be favorites of mine. Great way to recycle old material for new readers. I have been blogging for close to ten years! This particularly blog has posts going back 7 of those years!
  • Beneath the slider is static content/ adoption quotes that I will occasionally change. Below that section you will find most recent post abstracts. Click the titles/photos and you will be taken to the full post.

I am working on adding an Archive page, cleaning up my categories, and adding featured images.  Go into a post and see the right rail? It has a section for Search, Popular Posts and then Randomly Generated posts. Each of these abstracts has a photo/icon (or will) and a little extract. Another great way to see some old content.

Read on and be sure to tell me if you encounter any technical difficulties. Please bear with me while I continue the clean up.


1/25/2013 ETA: I removed the theme referenced in this post and continue to make fixes.

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    • Thanks Trace! I have work to do (broken links, images, old posts to delete) but its come along! Good luck with yours. Do share when done! Would love to check out!

  1. Great…I’m still adjusting to an upgrade to Windows 8, and now you hit me with this? 🙂

    • Thanks Shannon (on the order and the template compliment). Still working on it. As you may have seen since it looks like you had some comment challenges! Sorry about that!

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