Mea Culpa (aka Duh!)

Hey folks.

Do not let me kid you that I am all internet and blog savvy. Apparently I am not.

Today I found messages (Feedbacks) in my WordPress Dashboard that I had never seen. I have messages going back to almost a year ago that never came to my email (via my Contact form) or as a comment or spam or other. Total coincidence that I found it today.

Some of you got really angry assuming I was ignoring you. I assure you. I was not. Particularly since many of you are regular commentors or friends to me. I did not see the messages! Not sure if it was a browser issue or if I was really that dense to overlook that portion of my blog dashboard!

So, my friend in Thai, Katrina, friend in UK,  and others please accept my apology. I will write you privately using the emails addresses you provided.

Oh, and ElizabethJoyL, your message is a bit suspect.

2 Thoughts.

  1. This happened to me too, messages sent via FB, some on my fan page, that I did not see, and therefore was confused by the angry messages I received from my non-response. The system isn’t perfect. So far the few who felt ignored that I responded to (too late, I guess) have given up on me. Nothing to do but apologize and invite back… sigh…

    • Agreed Denise. The one I felt most badly about was an adoptee that had been trying to contact me for almost a year to help find his mother. He finally left a comment (versus a message) and I got it. When I found the old messages, I choked up. So much emotion, desperation, wanting to find his Mom. (Found her within three days once I got the message). I have now figured out what caused that (I had two contact methods on my blog and they were conflicting with each other). I know to look there in the future!

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