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"Well behaved women rarely make history" – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Gee, what a novel idea.

State of Illinois
2007 and 2008HB0468

Introduced 2/1/2007, by Rep. Dennis M. Reboletti


720 ILCS 525/4.1 from Ch. 40, par. 1704.1

Amends the Adoption Compensation Prohibition Act. Provides that an expectant mother may not accept compensation or the payment of reasonable medical or hospital expenses or reasonable living expensesfrom 2 or more persons not residing within the same household who have been promised the surrender or the consent to adoption of the same child for whom the mother expects to give birth. Provides that a violation is a Class 4 felony for a first offense and a Class 3 felony for a subsequent offense.

Even more interesting….

State of Illinois
2007 and 2008HB0653

Introduced 2/6/2007, by Rep. Sara Feigenholtz


325 ILCS 2/20
325 ILCS 2/35
325 ILCS 2/50

Amends the Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act. Provides that  if the parent of a newborn infant comes to the hospital, where his or her newborn infant has been transported after the parent relinquished the infant to a fire station, emergency medical facility, or police station, to reclaim the infant within 72 hours of relinquishing the infant, the hospital must return the infant to the parent or, if the
infant has already been discharged to the Department or child-placing agency, inform the parent of the name, location, and contact number of the Department or child-placing agency. Provides that the
information packet given to a parent who is relinquishing a newborn child shall include written notice that a parent has the right to return and reclaim an abandoned infant within 72-hours of relinquishing the infant. Prohibits a fire station, emergency medical facility, or police station from disclosing any information concerning the relinquishing of the infant except to the hospital to which the infant is being transferred, to medical personnel involved in the transfer of the child to the hospital, or to the parent of the child. Effective immediately.

Now, I am a fan of Representative Feighenholtz. Shes an adoptee herself and has done much to change Illinois Legislation. But this particular bill makes me wonder why it may be permissable to abandon your child at a firestation, change your mind with 72 hours and get your child back BUT the same does not seem to be the case for adoption surrender?

Of course, I think of Stephanie Bennett and Alison Quets, and while I realize they are not IL cases, I wonder what message is being sent by making it legal to abandon your child but then get him/her back but not safely place them with an agency and then change yourrmind?  Seems a little off, no? I must write to Representative Feigenholtz.  Shes doing great stuff. Read more and go to page 46.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

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  1. Now if they could make it illegal for adopters to pay these same women and illegal for them to have any prebirth contact.
    One can hope……
    at least this is a start.

  2. I believe safe haven laws are an effort to avoid babies in trash cans.For those who are so in denial that they never fully realize (or are unable to share) that they are pregnant.
    I may not be clear on the law Suz but I do believe that there is atleast a small window in which a bio-mom can change her mind. I know I had that option.
    I will have to look into that, and re-read the adoption papers from Catholic Charities.

  3. Hey JM! Whats up GF!!! – Alledgedly, there was a revocation period in IL. However, if you are told there is not (as I was by EH) or not told at all, you dont know to revoke it. I should post the single paper I signed. Some might find it interesting. I recall being suprised that you had to go to court. I did not. How can you live in the same maternity home, give birth in the same hospital, in the same state surrender your child to different agencies but be told different laws? Something really off there.

  4. Suz
    I will dig out my papers and scan them, and send them to you privately…definately would be interesting to see the differences!
    They should have had a house class in adoption law…That would have been useful.
    I pass by Kelly’s on my L trip to work each day…reminds me of Gehring every time.

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