I have walked this path…

"We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart." –  Blaise Pascal

As always, a must read by the dear Robin. Been there, done that, felt that.

Thank you to Robin for sharing. 

"I found what I was looking for, though, in both the weekend with my sisters and my visit to the place of my second great sadness. I know what we all have lost and we moms have not just lost our babies. We lost the adult children we would have had because the ones with whom we reunite have been altered from their natural course and influenced by other forces. No wonder the adult adoptee is so conflicted. If I had spent my life being "adjusted" to fit in with a clan that was not my natural fit, I would be confused and pissed as well. We, also, were forever altered by our loss and our mistreatment by those we should have been able to trust."

Read the entire post at Motherhood Deleted.

2 Thoughts.

  1. I read her entire post but didn’t feel like it was my place to comment there. It’s nice to be understood by another first mom. She seems like a really neat lady. Thanks for posting this excerpt here and linking to her blog. Love you! Rebecca

  2. it’s so validating to read that. to know that i’m not alone, crazy or wrong for feeling the way i do.

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