To Unknown Father

Posting in CDLB notifying Unknown Father that his baby girl is up for adoption.  How many men regularly read CDLB and how many are named Unknown Father?

For the record, I knew the mother here.  She was at the “home” with me.  I am pretty certain she knew who the father was.  As such, this posting is also a bit curious to me.

Notice to  Unknown Father. 1986. Click for larger version.

Notice to Unknown Father. 1986. Click for larger version.

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  1. Suz, I have been following your writing on this. Do you think they posted these legal announcements in the 1950s? I was conceived in Chicago but born in St. Paul, MN – makes me wonder if they were doing this in 1956 or later.
    Great blog, hard stuff you cover very well.

  2. They’ve almost always posted these notices in obscure publications that they figured the father would never see. In my hometown of Pittsburgh; while doing searches I learned that the notices to fathers were typically published only in the Pittsburgh Legal Journal. What ‘father’ would know to look there?
    We did find a student who was willing to do some lookups for my group but it was tedious because it was typically anywhere from 3 to 9 months after the birth of the child that these notices were supposed to appear once they knew for sure that they had an adoptive family. They had to look through a lot of back issues on microfiche/film.
    And Trace, yes they usually were doing them back then… sometimes you can call the public library or ask people involved in adoption search in Chicago and St. Paul where the legal notices to fathers were typically published in those cities. If your father lived in Chicago, more than likely that’s where they would find the obscure pub to place the notice.

  3. Sue’s this was interesting to me because really it is part of my story. I went away to Jacksonville Florida in 1970. I changed my name and then lived in various places as a caretaker mostly- thru catholic charities. When it came time to “adopt”. Or surrender., apparently unbeknownst to me at the time they did Post in the Jacksonville paper a petition which included my fake name. And I think they did that so that the father Was notified, in a way- but how would he know. I also think it was doing to protect my family. Nevertheless he had said early on when I told him that i was pregnant, my boyfriend of 3+ years-“he thought I was “pure” but then he found out I wasn’t.” And that was the last I ever heard from him. My thought was it was a way of protecting me, and I have heard actually from my daughter, of a father who did step forward and adopt his child unbeknownst to the mother. I would’ve had to kill him.
    The father of my child knew about my pregnancy. He chose not to act., And from my perspective I don’t think he deserves a shred of bread. Each situation is unique of course, but I do know that about the time my daughter was born he/ her father/ was planning a wedding, and five months later his wife gave birth to a son. . Love all your posts thank you.

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