1983 Easter House Ad Yellow Pages

The following image was sent to me by a mother that surrendered her child to Easter House in 1982.  This is a 1983 advert. Sit with that a moment. She saved the yellow pages ad.  I have my own ideas on this (and seemingly benign objects I saved) but I will spare you those thoughts for now. Do feel free to share your own.   Really.  Read it.

Thank you to the mother that provided it to me.

1983 Yellow Page ad for Easter House. Click for larger view

1983 Yellow Page ad for Easter House. Click for larger view

2 Thoughts.

  1. Wow! Myra was my caseworker. I dealt with the pain and shame of placing my child for adoption for twenty nine years. Last year we connected and have a wonderful relationship.

    I was wondering though, where were the babies kept between birth and adoption? I was lead to believe my child would be picked up at the hospital by the adoptive parents. That was not the case. It was a full week inbetween the two events. This was November 1983 in Joliet Illinois.

    • Lisa – Congrats on reunion and on maintaining a good relationship! No small feat for sure! Color me green with envy!

      As for where you child went, yes, Easter House lied to mothers and told them childrent went right from hospital to their “forever family”. Reality is, in most cases, they went to a foster family in IL first. My own daughter was fostered by a family in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago. I know this because the daughter of that family (also an Easter House adoptee) told me AND she found my daughters photos in her parents fostering photo album.

      SOME (not all) may have gone right to their families but many, particularly those being shipped to out of state families, were fostered. Being your child was in Joliet area, it is possible there was a family in that area. If your son knows how old he was when his adoptive parents received him, and there is a gap between his DOB and that date, you can be pretty sure he was fostered somewhere.

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