Reunited [Book]

Today I finished reading adoptee/author Pamela Slaton’s book titled Reunited : An Investigative Genealogist Unlocks Some of Life’s Greatest Family Mysteries.

I enjoyed it. Enjoy may be the wrong word. I do not enjoy regularly reading the painful stories of adoption separation, reunion, rejection and healing. I do however appreciate an individual’s ability to convey the stories in a respectful and poignant way.

I appreciated Pam’s inclusion of her own search and reunion story. Having her experience woven through the stories of others showed her empathy as well as her writing ability. I was very pleased that she shared a very balanced view of adoption reunion. Some were good stories, some were not, some were somewhere in between.  All touched me. In between these stories, Pam shares her own thoughts on various aspects of reunion and again, overall, I completely agreed with her. I have helped in the search and reunion of over 200 friends. Much of the advice Pam recommends is advice I have given my own friends.

I recommend the book for anyone affected by adoption. It is a particularly good introduction for individuals just considering a search.